Wentworth Falls Public School

Project: Successful

The Goal

To install a 20kW solar system at Wentworth Falls Public School with data loggers.

MP for the Blue Mountains, Trish Doyle and happy kids.

Campaign Information

The first Sunshine Project was to assist Wentworth Falls Public School P&C fund, procure and install a 20kW solar system on the roof of Wentworth Falls Public School. The project also included the creation of a teachers’ aide to show the Wentworth Falls Public School kids how the solar system works. A logger was included in the project to monitor all electricity flows from the system to the school and to the grid. Students are able to monitor the system performance by simple access to the laptops used for student tuition.

The project was completed successfully with additional funding from the Community Building Partnership grants program in 2018 (a special mention to MP Trish Doyle for supporting our grant application).