Winton holds a Masters Degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Resource Management and is a Director of EcoProfit. As former NSW Operations Manager for Secondbite, he discovered the spiralling demand on community groups that assist people-in-need. With this in mind, he made the decision to apply his corporate management experience and knowledge of sustainability to put together a program that would help both the environment and local community groups.


Noni is an environmental activist who spends a great percentage of her time fighting for the environment. Noni holds a Masters Degree in Education. Amongst many community activities, Noni is a co-founder of Blue Mountains Environmental Sustainability Network and active member of Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Cooperative. Noni’s great talent is as a problem-solver with a broad-minded approach to achieving change.


Jared of Dotcom Property Sales, is an exceptional sales professional and dedicated Real Estate Agent who is fully committed to achieving results that exceed expectations. He has an extensive background in horticulture and landscaping, his handprint being over many of the beautiful and sustainable gardens in the Blue Mountains. He brings a unique blend of skills and attributes to the table.


Matty, formerly an Officer in the NSW Police Force, is creator and Managing Director of Superior Packaging Supplies. His company has a strong focus on the environment with a complete range of packaging that is FSC certified, biodegradable and compostable. Further, his cleaning agent supplies are palm oil free, paraben free, phosphate free, and biodegradable. Matty’s greatest talent is his application and enthusiasm to overcome challenges to achieve his goals.


Ana holds Masters Degrees in Research in Law and International Environmental Law. She is currently a sessional lecturer, academic tutor and a PhD candidate at Macquarie University. She is skilled in environmental law, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, environmental issues, legal assistance and administration. Ana’s knowledge, even-temperament, happy disposition and professional determination are qualities that will greatly enhance the Committee’s professionalism.


Bill is Director of Carbon Training International and senior consultant for Simble ( He holds Masters Degrees in Agriculture and Environmental Management. Skills include training, course development, carbon & energy management and systems understanding. He brings a mountain of knowledge, experience and problem-solving talent to the Committee.


Bec holds a Diploma in Health Science, Diploma in Community Services, Diploma in Counselling and Degree in Human Services (continuing). She currently works in the Community Development sector and is a Director of EcoProfit ( She contends that real change can occur from a grass roots level for both the management of the earth’s resources and the treatment of the vulnerable. Bec believes the opportunity for sweeping groundswell change is a real possibility if enough people for community collaborate towards agreed goals.