Helping the community to help the ecology

Our Purpose

The purpose of Sunshine Project for Community Inc is:

To support local communities and organisations to achieve sustainability, decrease their carbon footprint and respond to the impacts of climate change at a local level by raising awareness and educating the community in ways to enhance their local natural environment and live a more sustainable life. To achieve this, we will assist community organisations and schools with raising awareness in relation to:

  • The protection and enhancement of the natural environment.
  • Understanding impacts on the environment.
  • Recovery from and resilience to bushfires and other natural disasters.
  • Recycling, reuse, composting and other sustainable waste disposal methods.
  • Carbon offsetting with an emphasis on afforestation and reforestation projects.
  • Ways to work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Implementation of energy efficiency and renewable options (Green Community Program.)

Drop-in Centre Springwood

Green Community Project

  • Raised so far – $4700
Our latest green community project is to raise funds to put an 11kW solar system on the roof of CatholicCare drop-in centre.

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Green Community Program – How it Works

To raise funds for community not-for-profits to fund renewables and energy efficiency options so they can divert more financial resources to their core services.


The first step in the Sunshine Project process is to identify suitable not-for-profit recipients. Our due diligence dictates we understand the organisation’s history, operational processes and outcomes in the context of their mission, community impact, compliance record, governance and financial stability. Critically, we need to know the organisation’s security of tenure and longevity in the building(s) it occupies


We assess the organisation’s energy consumption regime and identify renewables or energy efficiency upgrade options. We calculate the cost of each option, selecting the option that will provide the most benefit to the organisation. We seek the organisation’s approval (and where applicable, the building owner’s consent) to commence the selected project.

Selection includes meeting the criteria that the project will assist the organisation to:

  1. Divert more financial resources from energy costs towards maintaining and improving its vital social services to community.
  2. Reduce its carbon footprint.
  3. Be local environmental role models for energy generation and/or consumption.


Once target funds are raised, SPFC project manages the acquisition and installation of the selected project upgrade. SPFC only use good quality product and installers. The recipient organisation does not have any responsibility to manage the project. Adequate insurance coverage is maintained for all installations.

Sunshine Project has done such a great job raising the funds to donate a 7.9kW solar system and Tesla Powerwall 2.0 battery to us. The supply and installation of the solar/battery system at our Blaxland operational premise has been seamless and now our former electricity cost has disappeared. Thank you Sunshine Project and thank you to our local state and federal members of Parliament, Trish Doyle and Susan Templeman, who supported Sunshine Project to raise the funds to make it happen.

Gregory Lazarus, Gateway Family Services

“The Green Community Program by Sunshine Project has helped to alleviate our energy cost burden and allowed us to allocate more resources supporting people in need. It has also generated tremendous local community awareness of what we do. The Sunshine Project is a win-win for all.”
- Rosa del Ponte, Director, Earth Recovery, Katoomba